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Stone Pitching on the Fells.

In the autumn of 2006 I began work with the National Trust, repairing walking paths in the Lake District National Park in England. For over twenty-five years, long lasting, safe and natural looking surfaces have been constructed by the Trust's footpath program in this sensitive upland environment - allowing for its continued and sustainable use. Stone-pitching, a traditional path building method, has proven ideal in meeting this criteria. I have been fortunate to study and practice this technique with the Trust's professional footpath crews as well as teaching them skills I have learnt over the coarse of my varied career.

Transporting Material.

After being helicoptered in from the surounding slopes, the stone is moved in readiness for construction with the help of a mechanised wheelbarrow.

Setting Stone.

Large stones are set in the soil, interlocking one another, with their top faces flush to ground level.

Completed Tread.

Once finished, the stone-pitching leaves a safe and durable walking surface that will prevent erosion for many years to come.


With the landscaping and seeding of the original erosion scar caused by walker impact, the crew's job is complete.