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Stone Foundation International Workshop.

In September of 2007 I attended the Stone Founation's International Symposium and Workshop held on the island of Mallorca in Spain. The workshop's participants' were instructed by some of the island's foremost stoneworkers in traditional dry-stone walling and path building techniques.

Path construction.

In the mountainous areas of Mallorca, paths for moving livestock and other agricultural activities have traditionally been made from the abundant supply of local limestone.

As the shaped pieces of limestone are laid, sifted earth is tamped in the gaps.

The stones are shaped using a hammer of local design and laid in a 'herringbone' pattern.

The finished pavement forms a durable walking surface that can last hundreds of years.

Dry-stone retaining wall construction.

Retaining walls are employed throughout the island to create level areas that can be used for activities such as olive farming. 

Lack of mortar allows the retaining wall to drain freely and thus significantly reduce lateral thrust.