North Bass Trail Survey

Blue Mountains

Venus Baths Bridge

Mt. Rosea Staircase - First Stage

Mt. Rosea Staircase - Second Stage

Venus Baths Retaining Walls

Little Long Lake

Canadian Walling Festival

Aran Isles

Helm Crag

St. Lawrence Islands

Tom Ghyll

Troutbeck Farm

Mart Crag Moor



Monk Coniston



The Lake District

Lake District Photo Gallery


Grand Canyon

North Bass Survey

North Bass Reconstruction

Glen Canyon

Donner Pass

Lake Tahoe

Honanki - Stage I

Honanki - Stage II

Lake Elizabeth.

Pumphouse Wash

Kanab Creek




Colorado River Trip and North Bass Trail Survey

In February 2005 I was invited to join a National Parks Service rafting trip down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. The purpose of me joining was to survey the northern section of the historic Bass Trail - one of only two trails that transect the Grand Canyon - in preparation for its reconstruction by American Conservation Experience crews. This is one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of Arizona and the only practical way of reaching there in winter is from the river at the bottom by raft, as the top end, along with the entire North Rim, is closed due to thick snow cover. During the survey we determined the original route, recorded historic structures, chose future camp sites and worked out general logistics. It was also a wonderful opportunity to see parts of the Canyon rarely experienced by others.