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MacDougall Park Bridge.

In August 2009 I traveled to Russell, a small town near Ottawa, to participate in a bridge building project organised by the Russell and District Horticultural Society. The Dry Stone Wall Association of Canada oversaw the dry stone bridge's construction - this was the first of its kind to be built in a Canadian public park.

One of the first stages of construction is to set up the wooden former. This supports the stones untill the arch is completed.

Stone Shaping.

Many of the limestone blocks required shaping with chisels and hand points before being put in place.

Arch Construction.

As the arch stones or 'voussoirs' are put in place the bridge takes shape.


Each vousoir must fit tightly in against the other stones in order for the arch to be structurally sound.

Former removal.
With all the voussoirs in place the arch is self supporting and the former can be taken out.

Completed Bridge.

With the steel railing and flagstones laid, Canada's first public dry stone bridge is finished - an enduring structure. that will be admired for generations to come.